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The Current Newspapers
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Tel: 202-244-7223
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Classified Advertising in the Current Newspapers - The Power of 4!

Classified Line Rates (Personal):

$12.50 for the first three lines (33 characters per line), $2 each additional line. First two words bold and/or CAPS free. Each additional word bold and/or CAPS $.50 each. All classified ads are payable in advance. Payments are accepted via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, check or cash. Deadline for classified line ads is 5 pm Monday prior to publication.

Classified Display Rates (Business):

  1 Issue 6 1ssues* 13 1ssues* 26 1ssues* 52 1ssues*
Column Inch Rates $48.40 $39.24 $34.36 $31.60 $29.08

Prepayment is required on first two ads.
* Assumes a Signed Contract


All space reservations and copy needing proof must be placed by noon Monday prior to publication. Camera-ready ads may be submitted up to 4 pm Monday, provided space reservations have been made.

Ad Acceptance Policy

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